My parents came to New York City!!!!

My Mom made plans to come visit me weeks ago (as I am not going home for Thanksgiving)
and I was a bit bummed that my cute Pops couldn't come join us. 

Awe, isn't he the cutest?

My parents lived in NYC when they were first married and throughout my childhood I remembered them telling me all sorts of stories about their adventures. 

However when my Mom's taxi got to my apartment and she told me to come outside I noticed that there were TWO people waiting for me not just one....

Mounting created Bloggif

Those sneaky devils had kept such a good secret and tricked me!
 They both ended up coming to spend the weekend in the Big Apple and we had such a good time.

We ate in cute cafes in Williamsburg and I showed them a bit of my neighborhood in Brooklyn. 
They were so full of energy, they even climbed a shaky rusted ladder to see the view from the rooftop! 

 One thing that I really have always loved about traveling with my parents is that they always make art galleries a priority- wherever we may be.  I hated them for it when I was little, because the museums were so big and my legs always got tired!
But now it is second nature and so deep in my routine that I can't imagine it any other way.
I took them to the Neue Gallery (because Egon Schiele's portrait show is there, if you haven't gone- GO! It is something else) and the Met, of course.

They also wanted to see the 9/11 Memorial which is always a sobering experience.

 We took time to walk through Central Park because a lot of the leaves are turning and I don't know if there is a better way to spend a Saturday evening.

The next day we had breakfast in Brooklyn Heights and checked out the vistas from the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a pretty remarkable structure. There is just so much bustle happening around you, walking the bridge gives you the feeling that you are standing in the middle of the world. 

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad! 
I have to hand it to ya, you aren't slowing down a bit. 

a tuckered out Mjjj.

Until next time!